The Nook Wireless Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite is yet another impressive addition to the STOGA Pro Controller series and has been touted by many users as an amazing upgrade to the standard-issue Nintendo Switch controllers

Global innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, STOGA, is delighted to announce the release of a new STOGA Nook Series Controller. The Nook Wireless Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite is yet another impressive addition to the STOGA Pro Controller series and packs some amazing features that set it far above the standard-issue Nintendo Switch controller, in terms of performance and design.

At the top of its list of impressive features is the remote wake-up capability that allows users to turn on the Switch with a single click of the home button. The amazing new controller also enables one key connectivity, meaning gamers can instantly pair the controller with the Nintendo switch by simply clicking on the connection button.

A 300 mAh lithium battery on the device promises a continuous playtime of 8 hours on a single charge. The Nook Wireless Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite also sports a G gyroscope sensor with a 6-axis sensing function that delivers precise speed, position, accurate control, and rapid start/stop motion.

Perfect for players who like to feel every twist and turn of the game, the new controllers come with enhanced asymmetric dual-motor vibration that provides an immersive realistic gaming experience while boosting performance. In addition, the Nook Wireless Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite possesses strong anti-interference capabilities that protect it from being affected by the signals of other wireless devices.

To mark the new release, and also in celebration of the beautiful moments of the current year gradually coming to an end, STOGA has also announced that it will be issuing discounts of up to 20% on all its products on the 1st of January 2022 being New Year’s Day. The company revealed that visitors to its website who complete their purchase using the code CH20 will get the New Year’s Day discount on as many products as they buy.

STOGA is widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of high-performance gaming controllers as well as superior accessories and customizable gaming controllers for consoles and PCs. Its flagship product line, the STOGA Nook Series Controller for Switch, has been touted by both professional and casual gamers as probably the best performing controller ever made, outshining and outperforming the original controller made for the game by Nintendo.

For STOGA, technological innovation is at the heart of every endeavor. The company says its focus is to ascertain the needs of its customers and utilize the knowledge to build the most innovative and efficient controllers that will help them become the best players.

“We understand that every gamer is different and has their unique demands. We constantly customize the controllers to fit your unique taste.”

Anyone interested in taking their gaming experience to the next level can simply visit the company’s website to pick from its impressive list of options.

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