Panda Joypad Controller for Switch, STOGA Panda Series Controller

  • Programmable Macro Button
  • Easy To Master
  • Plug and Play
  • Play Games with Friends
  • Cute Panda Design & Great Gift Idea


panda_joypad[NEWS REPORT]

  • Easily connects to the console
  • Bluetooth quick pairing connection after separation from the console
  • 4 LED indicator light: 4 green monochromatic LED lights
  • Six-Axis Somatosensory Sensors
  • Equipped with motor vibration
  • Automatic sleep mode when the Switch screen is turned off
  • “Home” button allows for one-key wake-up function


Smooth Joystick Control

The gamepad has two analog joysticks with panda silicone sleeves, a D-pad and all of the important buttons for the Nintendo Switch. The gamepad’s cute panda shape, non-slip design and smooth joystick operation allows for more fluid and relaxed game play.

Comfortable Buttons

The switch control is easy to use, trouble-free, stable connection and zero lag of the control buttons and the sensitive joystick. The ergonomic design and the light structure make it comfortable even for long, continuous game play.

Frosted Material

This game controller choose high-quality non-slip material, handle grip comfort, and increase the chances of winning the game.


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