Panda Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite/PC, STOGA Panda Series Controller

  • [Unique Panda Design & Gift Ideas]
  • [Turbo Button Funtion]
  • [Motion Control & Dual Shock]
  • [User-friendly and Fast Pairing]
  • [Ergonomic & Long Battery Time]
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STOGA Panda Pro Controller – Compatible with the latest version of Switch/Switch Lite and supports all games.

  • Panda pro controller frees you from being tethered to the console and provides a tangle-free gaming experience. It provides a stable and reliable signal with no latency or dropouts within 10 meters. With powerful anti-interference technology, it will not be affected by other wireless devices.
  • Panda controller supports 4-speed turbo speed: the turbo speed function makes playing arcade or action games easier, perfectly solves the pain point of traditional gamepad to make fingers fatigue, more flexible, and durable control.
  • Panda controller supports 6-axis gyroscopic axis and dual vibration motors. Vibration feedback can deliver an engaging gaming experience. With ultra-sensitive button sensing, it can provide an authentic gaming experience.

Features 1.Wessless Connection 2.Vibration Feedback 3.Motion Function 4.Tubro Function 5.Screenshot Share 6.Amiibo Function




Remote Wake-up: Wake up your Switch responsively with a press of the Home button.

One-key Connection: Pare the controller with a click of the button. 

Turbo Mode:  Release your fingers with an automatic button.

NFC Function: No worries, we support Amiibo. It’s time to train your lv.50 Amiibo!

Motion Sensor:  Built-in 6-axis gyro, capable of precise speed, position, accurate control, and rapid start/stop motion.

Dual vibration:  Excellent vibration gives you the BEST gaming experience.

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